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Academic Timeline

School of Education

School of Education Timeline

  1. First Semester - By the end of your first semester complete first ICE requirements and take Praxis CORE exams (see criteria for exemptions).
  2. Fourth through Sixth Semester – By the end of your sophomore year or beginning of your junior year apply to the Professional Program (due during Spring advisement for Fall admittance and during Fall advisement for Spring admittance).
  3. Sixth Semester – By the end of your sixth semester (if not sooner), submit your writing proficiency portfolio. See campus calendar for due dates.
  4. End of Junior Block - beginning of Senior Block semester, take Praxis II content exam(s). Passing scores are required for admission to the internship and must be received by the School of Education office by July 20th for Fall interns and December 15th for Spring interns.
  5. January 15th for all candidates planning on interning in either the fall or spring of the following academic year apply to internship.
  6. January (fall interns) or April (spring interns) complete SC DoEd certification application and fingerprint process.
  7. End of semester prior to internship take PLT exam. Passing score is required for graduation and must be received by the School of Education office by December 1st for December graduates and May 1st for May graduates.
  8. End of semester prior to internship complete ICE (Inter-Curricular Events).
  9. Follow deadline set by the Registrar's Office in applying for graduation. Remember, late graduation applications will not be accepted. 

Have You . . ?


  • Taken the Praxis CORE exams?
  • Started collecting Writing Proficiency Portfolio papers?
  • Attended ICE activities?


  • Applied to the Professional Program?
  • Submitted the Writing Proficiency Portfolio?
  • Attended ICE activities?


  • Taken the Praxis II exam(s)?
  • Submitted your electronic fingerprints?
  • Applied to Internship and for Certification?
  • Attended ICE activities?


  • Taken the PLT exam?
  • Completed your graduation application?
  • Completed ICE requirements?