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Music Education

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Welcome to the Music Education Program!

Music education at USC Aiken is an exciting program that serves those whose commitment is to teach music to others. It is based upon the simple premise that every person deserves the highest level of individual attention and guidance as they develop intellectual reasoning, musical aptitude, and aesthetic appreciation. The program is rigorous and requires disciplined and enthusiastic people who strive for academic, musical, and personal excellence.

Musicians are most likely to be successful as educators if they are able to model current practices in education. In addition, the successful music educator must have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to facilitate student learning in a diverse and dynamic environment. In order to facilitate individual growth and understanding as a future music educator, every student at USC Aiken is provided ample opportunities for musical success as participants in ensembles, master classes, and private musical study. Students are challenged in the class room to develop a breadth and knowledge of skills, high levels of perception and sensitivity, and values as it relates to music. The experiences and instruction provided are designed to prepare music educators in a variety of areas, including instrumental, choral, and elementary music. Ultimately, students are taught skills that will facilitate independent, knowledgeable, inspired artists and educators.

Admission into the music education program is based upon academic, musical, and personal preparation. Students must first apply and be accepted into the University of South Carolina Aiken, then complete a separate application for > the music education program. Students must present an SAT score of 800 or higher (Critical Reading and Mathematics sections) or a composite ACT score of 17 or higher in order to be considered for admission. Following application to both the university and the music program, all students must complete a music audition in their primary instrument of study and meet minimal musical requirements. At the beginning of each semester, incoming students are asked to take matriculation exams in the areas of music theory, music history, and piano. These simple entrance exams ensure proper placement and provide any necessary academic assistance within the music curriculum.

More Information 

For more information about this program, contact the following faculty members:

Dr. Emily W. Burch
Coordinator of Music Education
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Dr. Joel Scraper
Chair, Visual & Performing Arts
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