Teacher helping a student with other students at their desks in the background

Conceptual Framework

School of Education

Expected Candidate Outcomes (Knowledge, Skills, Dispositions)

Education majors within the School of Education are expected to meet the outcomes in each of the domains of the dynamic educator as stated in the Conceptual Framework as follows: 

Domains of the Dynamic Educator


  • Understands national, state, and local standards
  • Has a strong content knowledge in the Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Uses various forms of assessments to inform and plan instruction
  • Is familiar with planning documentation (e.g., FBAs, BIPs, & IEPs) necessary for working with students with special educational needs

Manager :

  • Has knowledge of human growth theories, psychological theories, Manager theories and management techniques to facilitate learning for all children
  • Applies techniques and theories to create safe learning environments, manage instructional time, and manage instructional materials

Instructor :

  • Understands national, state, and local standards
  • Has a strong content knowledge in the Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Uses various forms of assessments to inform instruction
  • Has pedagogical content knowledge
  • Understands various learning theories that enable them to facilitate the learning for all children
  • Thinks critically and assesses the merits of various curricula and instructional approaches based on research.

Communicator :

  • Has excellent oral communication skills
  • Has excellent written communication skills
  • Facilitates the learning of all children
  • Effectively communicates with children, parents, and colleagues

Professional :

  • Is a reflective practitioner
  • Fosters relationships with school colleagues and community agencies, such as social services and mental health associations, to enhance the learning and well being of students
  • Displays positive dispositions with respect to: attitude, cultural awareness, enthusiasm, personal appearance, professionalism, rapport, reliability, and sensitivity
  • Is committed to facilitating the learning of all children
  • Stays informed on current trends and legislation and applies that understanding in practice
  • Seeks opportunities to grow professionally.

Education majors will also learn about Diversity and Technology which are integrated throughout the program, the following are the expectations of candidates in these fields. 

Diversity - Candidates in the School of Education are expected to facilitate the learning of all students as follows: 

  • Understands other cultures and their impact on student learning
  • Understands and uses various teaching strategies to accommodate diverse populations of students
  • Is respectful, compassionate, considerate, friendly, just, and free of bias when working with students from diverse backgrounds.

Technology - Candidates will demonstrate acquisition of technology knowledge, skills and dispositions defined by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) as follows: 

  • Facilitates and inspires student learning and creativity
  • Designs and develops digital-age learning experiences and assessments
  • Models digital-age work and learning
  • Promotes and models digital citizenship and responsibility
  • Engages in professional growth and leadership