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Register with Disability Services

Disability Services

A student must first meet the general admission requirements for the University. A student with a disability must self-identify by writing, calling, or going to the Disability Services Office.

1). Complete the Application for Services

In order to establish eligibility for services, please print and complete the Student Application for Registration with Disability Services. Print two copies of the form -- keep one for your records and mail one directly to Disability Services.

You must also provide documentation of the disability. All records will remain strictly confidential and are not a part of your academic record.

2). Submit Medical Documentation

Medical documentation from a licensed/qualified professional is also required so that Disability Services can determine appropriate accommodations for each student. Upon receipt of the completed application and the medical documentation, the Disability Services Coordinator will conduct a review of the materials to determine whether or not the student meets eligibility for accommodations. All documentation is confidential.

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3). Get Notification of Application Status

Once the Disability Services Office has received both the application for services and your documentation, a follow-up notice will inform you of the status of your application.  In some cases additional documentation may be needed.

4). Meet with the Disability Services Coordinator

If your application is complete and your status as a student with a documented disability has been confirmed, the follow-up notice will instruct you to call our office and schedule an orientation with Disability Services.  You should contact Disability Services to schedule an appointment to complete the registration process.  Please call 803 643-6815 if you have questions or need assistance.

Your orientation completes your registration as a student with a documented disability. 

Services will begin after the meeting is held, an accommodation plan is developed and appropriate faculty signatures are obtained. For further information regarding the application procedure, please contact the Office of Disability Services at (803) 643-6815.

We cannot provide access to services until this step is complete.

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Please refer to Documentation Guidelines for disability specific requirements.