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Disability Services

The University has made a commitment to assure equal access for our students who have disabilities.

Student accommodations may include :

  • Alternative Testing
  • Modified Course Schedules
  • Note-taking Services
  • Accessible Materials and Services
  • Use of the Assistive Technology Center
  • Adaptive Technology in the Classroom
  • Priority Classroom Seating
  • Priority Registration

Assistive Technology Center

In addition to the many accommodations taking place daily in classrooms across the campus, the University provides an Assistive Technology Center equipped with computer access for students registered with the disability services office, electronic readers, alternative media formats, accessible seating, and modified software and hardware for computer access.

This is a partial listing of what is available:

  • Alternative formats of printed materials
    • DAISY Talking Books
    • PDF files
    • MS Word files
  • Advanced spell check and grammar check
  • Testing alternatives
  • Voice-recognition software (Dragon Naturally Speaking)
  • Screen-reading software (JAWS)
  • Touch-screen and large- screen monitors
  • Large-key keyboards • Braille printing and labeling
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software
  • Electronic whiteboards with print capability

Course Substitutions

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for a course substitution.

Based on appropriate documentation, the Coordinator of Disability Services determines whether a course substitution should be recommended. Students should be aware that a disability will be revealed to faculty and staff involved in evaluating a recommendation for a course substitution.

If the recommendation for a substitution applies to a course in the major, the student will follow the procedure for course substitutions outlined in the Program Bulletin.

If the recommendation for a substitution applies to a general education requirement, the student will submit an Academic Petition to the department chair/dean of the student’s major along with a memo from the Coordinator of Disability Services stating that a substitution is recommended. The department chair/dean will decide whether or not the course in question is "essential" to the major. If the course is deemed to be essential, the petition is disapproved at this point. If the course is not determined to be essential, the department chair/dean of the student’s major in consultation with the department chair/dean of the unit offering the course will determine which course(s) may be used as a substitute. The Academic Petition will be returned to the Registrar and forwarded to the Scholastic Standing and Petitions Committee for approval/disapproval as described in the Course Substitutions policy above.

Special Emergency Accommodations for Housing

Any student who qualifies for special accommodations due to a physical disability, vision, deaf, or mobile impairment, should contact the Office of Disability Services at 803-643-6815. After the student goes through the Disability Service interview processes, then Housing is notified of the emergency accommodation(s), whether that is a single room, a refrigerator for medication, bed shakers, or a doorbell light. Fire alarms and strobe lights are already installed in the dormitories.

(Also refer to Housing Community Guide, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 803-641-3790 for more information)