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Deaf / Hard of Hearing

Disability Services

Students who are Deaf and hard of hearing are encouraged to register with the Disability Services to explore the benefits of accommodations. Even a mild hearing impairment can present difficulty in situations with extraneous or competing sounds in the environment. Accommodations are determined on an individual basis depending on a student’s description of his or her needs and any information provided in documentation supplied by the student. Students will meet with a disability coordinator to determine what accommodations may be helpful and appropriate. 

  1. At a minimum, an audiogram will document the degree of hearing impairment. Supporting documentation may also include an audiometric assessment, otolaryngology evaluation, a speech & language evaluation report, or a hearing aid evaluation.
  2. Elements of a diagnostic report helpful in assessing appropriate accommodations include a description of use of amplification, a speech reception and speech discrimination, recommendations for classroom and testing accommodations.