Homecoming 2017 in the Convocation Center

About Facility Rentals

Convocation Center

Whether you are a promoter planning to bring an act to South Carolina or a local business looking for a unique place to hold your next company meeting – The Convocation Center has the space you’re looking for.

Facility Specifics

  • 97,600 Sq. ft of total space (including rentable meeting space)
  • Retractable seating to accommodate up to 4,000 attendees
  • Multiple locker rooms to accommodate athletic events, concerts, and other requirements
  • Main floor used for USC Aiken athletic events, concerts, graduations, and other public events
  • Two additional practice courts which can also be used for private meetings, business functions, conventions, or other special events
  • Special VIP area for business meetings, concert "meet and greets", etc.
  • A center hung scoreboard and multiple electronic scoreboards with advertising opportunities
  • Roadside marquee viewable from the Robert M Bell Parkway

Food and Beverage Services

  • The USC Aiken Convocation Center features two fully operational concession stands
  • Several mobile concession stands accommodate food and beverage requirements for all events
  • Catering for functions, such as a group meeting, can be arranged

  • Convocation Center Exterior
  • Banquet
  • Event in Convocation Center

 Public RateNon-Profit RateInternal Rate
Convocation Center - Entire Facility (Per Day)
Ticketed Event $3,000 (+$1.50 PER TICKET) $2,000 (+$1.50 PER TICKET) $500
Non-Ticketed Event $3,000 $2,000 $500
Move in Day $1,500 $1,000 $500
Activity Practice Rate $60 Per Hour $50 Per Hour $30 Per Hour
Convocation Center - Practice Court (Per Day)
Non-Ticketed Events $1,500 $750 $250
Move in Day $750 $375 $250
Convocation Center - VIP Room (Per Day)
Non-Ticketed Events $500 $300 $150
Move in Day $250 $150 $150

Athletic Venues

Pacer Pit (Soccer) - Entire Facility (Per Day)
Field Rental $300 $200 $100
Move in Day $150 $100 $100
Roberto Hernandez Baseball Stadium - Entire Facility (Per Day)
Field Rental $500 $300 $150
Move in Day $250 $250 $150
Satcher Field (Softball) - Entire Facility (Per Day)
Non-Ticketed Event $300 $200 $150
Move in Day $150 $100 $100
Pacer Path (Cross Country) - Entire Facility (Per Day)
Non-Ticketed Event $200 $200 $100
Move in Day $100 $100 $100

Additional Costs - Personnel

Arena Setup/Facility Staffing $15 per employee hour Cost dependent on event setup
Video Operator $35 per hour  
Sound Operator $35 per hour  
EMS $35 per hour/EMT  
Security $40 per hour/Officer  
Ticket Sellers $15 per hour  
Housekeeping $20 per hour/Employee Includes staffing and supplies

Additional Costs - Other Equipment

Carpter Decking $200  
Screens & Projectors $1,000 $500 per set of Projector/Screen
Pipe & Drape $4 per linear foot Standard arean coverage is 350 lf

Additional Costs - Personnel

Convocation Center $1,500 Due upon Contract Execution
Practice Courts $750 Due upon Contract Execution
Pacer Pit $150 Due upon Contract Execution
Roberto Hernandez Stadium $250 Due upon Contract Execution
Satcher Field $150 Due upon Contract Execution
Pacer Path $100 Due upon Contract Execution
Additional Notes:
Administrative fee will be applied to total rental cost. Deposits are due on execution of the contract and are non refundable.
Depostis will be credited to the toatl balance of the contract. All fees are to be paid by check, cash or credit card.