Homecoming 2017 in the Convocation Center


Convocation Center


Under no circumstances will alcohol be allowed to enter the Convocation Center. Patrons will be asked to leave the center if caught attempting to bring alcohol into the center. Alcohol is not permitted in the parking lots surrounding the Convocation Center.

Only during certain events will alcohol be sold at the concession stands inside the Convocation Center. NCAA restrictions do not allow the selling of alcohol at any collegiate event.


USC Aiken is a Tobacco-Free campus, and smoking is not permitted on university property. 

Re-entry to Events

Once a patron leaves the Convocation Center during an event, there is no re-entry permitted unless another ticket is purchased.

Video Recording and Photography

Non-professional (under 200 mm without a detachable lens) cameras are permitted in the arena for Convocation Center events, as long as no flash is used. Professional photography is prohibited.

Video cameras are usually prohibited unless prearranged before the event. If you have a digital camera, the same zoom restrictions apply (under 200mm without a detachable lens). If your digital camera has any video recording capabilities and there is a no video recording policy at the event, your camera will not be permitted in the building. The same policy applies to digital video cameras that can take still photos.

In no instance may photography interfere with access ways, seats, aisles or other guests’ enjoyment of the event. Please check the specific event information on our website in advance to check the policy, call us, email us or check the policy signs when entering the building.

Distribution of Leaflets or Brochures

Distribution of any printed materials or selling of any items is prohibited on the Convocation Center grounds, including the parking lots, walkways, and inside the Convocation Center.

Restricted Items

Aerosol cans • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs • Animals (except certified service dogs for the disabled) • Beach balls and other inflatables• Bota bags or wine skins • Bullhorns or noisemakers • Cameras or recording devices (varies by event) • Confetti • Fireworks, firearms, or other weapons • Framed Backpacks • Glass bottles or aluminum cans • Ice chests (coolers) or thermos containers • Laser pointers • Outside food or beverage • Skateboards or roller blades • Sticks or clubs (including signs attached to sticks) • Stools or folding chairs • Water bottles or mugs • Golf Umbrellas