Homecoming 2017 in the Convocation Center

Accessibility for Patrons with Disabilities

Convocation Center

All entrances to the Convocation Center are wheelchair accessible. Once inside the center, elevators are available to provide access between levels.

Handicap Seating

Handicap-accessible seating is available at various locations throughout the Convocation Center. Handicap seating is available to the patron with a disability and one guest.

Handicap Parking

For your convenience, there are several available parking lots within walking distance of the Convocation Center. Accessible parking is available in all of the parking lots surrounding the Convocation Center.

In order to park in the spaces reserved for disabled guests, the vehicle must have a state-issued handicapped window pass, sticker, or license plate. Any customer may drop off a disabled patron at the front of the Convocation Center and then, park their car in one of the lots, and then meet that person inside the Convocation Center.