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Mission & Objectives

Communication and Emerging Media

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Department Mission Statement

The Department of Communication and Emerging Media offers two degrees (BA in Communication and BA in Emerging Media), and two minors (Communication minor and Emerging Media minor). We offer our degrees in the traditional in-person setting, as well as fully online through Palmetto College/Aiken Online. The Department offers a range of courses to prepare students for careers, graduate study, personal, social, and civic life. We provide engaging learning environments to help each student understand how fundamental communication and media theories work and how to strategically apply those theories in practice. We seek to cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, develop the knowledge and skills for effective communication using multiple channels in a variety of settings (e.g., relationships, small groups, organizations, public, media), and we promote ethical sensitivity and intercultural competence.


Liberal arts degrees with ancient roots in rhetoric, our programs combine a firm theoretical foundation with extensive practical application. Students work closely with faculty in small classes to gain an understanding of communication and media theories while they develop and enhance their oral, written, visual, and media communication skills. The degree requirements are flexible enough to prepare students for careers in diverse areas, including strategic communications, social media/digital marketing, public relations, broadcasting and journalism, healthcare communication, business and advertising, government, social and human services, and higher education. The rigorous curriculum also prepares students for graduate studies in communication and journalism/mass communication.