Communication and emerging media

Communication and Emerging Media

Helping students become ethical and competent communicators

The Department of Communication and Emerging Media offers two degrees: a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Emerging Media.

These degrees are designed to help prepare students for careers in the communication and media industries and help students become ethical and competent communicators who can use their knowledge of communication to enhance their individual and professional development, improve their personal relationships, and effectively serve their communities.

Students majoring in communication or emerging media at USC Aiken examine communication processes in interpersonal relationships, small group and public settings and within organizations, in cultures, and in the mass media and interactive computer-mediated communication. We keep our class sizes small (usually under 25 students) to encourage interaction among students and faculty and to allow for experiential learning. Our courses cover a range of communication and media topics, from understanding cultures to working in teams to developing brochures and websites to mass media production. You will use and expand your writing skills and become a more compelling speaker, while also being able to improve and hone skills related to media production and editing.

We will give you chances to have hands-on experiences, and you will learn from professionals who have insight into how to apply your communication knowledge and skills outside the classroom. Most students will complete a capstone that will offer an internship opportunity.

Study communication to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that will serve you well both personally and professionally. Learn about both traditional and new, emerging forms of communication and media to be a better communicator in relationships, on teams, at work, and through social media.

We are committed to helping our students understand and use communication theories and principles to be effective leaders and engaged citizens. We will challenge you to think critically, communicate effectively using appropriate technologies, make ethical decisions, and solve problems thoughtfully.

Please explore our website to learn more about who we are, what we do, and why communication is a worthwhile area of study.