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College of Sciences and Engineering

Creating and communicating scientific knowledge

Welcome to the College of Sciences and Engineering

Mckay Scott

Welcome to the College of Sciences and Engineering at USC Aiken! Today’s scientists and engineers must have an ever-increasing sophistication to ensure our nation’s future, and a wide variety of careers require a solid technical background. Inspiring and preparing students to pursue deep knowledge and obtain professional experience in these fields is a weighty task. We embrace this challenge daily at USC Aiken!

Within the departments of Biological, Environmental, and Earth Sciences; Chemistry and Physics; Exercise and Sports Science; Psychology; and Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics; you will be challenged to grow like never before. We are passionate about developing YOU, building community, and impacting society.

To learn more about the professional experiences available through the College of Sciences and Engineering, I encourage you to watch the videos below that highlight our undergraduate research and industry-sponsored capstone opportunities. You can also visit our Instagram and Twitter accounts to see more details about the exciting opportunities available for students. 

Dean, Dr. Scott McKay

Research Affiliates

Mission of the College of Sciences and Engineering

The mission of the College of Sciences and Engineering is to create and communicate scientific knowledge, serve as a community resource, and provide instruction and programs that offer students opportunities to learn the history, principles, theories, and concepts of the sciences through its teaching, scholarly activity, and service.

Our Approach

What is the significance of a tree? For the College of Sciences and Engineering, it serves as a powerful symbol of the journey our students experience as we accomplish our mission.

The roots are the liberal arts foundation. Roots provide nourishment, allow for growth, and provide the firm foundation that gives a tree its strength. For our students, the “roots” are the nationally recognized liberal arts education that we provide. Through this time-tested approach to learning, the liberal arts provide the foundation of all that we do. From oral and written communication, critical thinking, and evaluating topics from multiple perspectives, the liberal arts allow students to grow in maturity throughout their lives.

Image of Tree

The trunk is the STEM major. Through the major, students stand on those liberal arts skills while diving deep into the knowledge and experiences of the discipline. With the mentoring of our award-winning faculty, the major allows students to begin believing in who they will become.

The branches are the “professional experiences.” Through one-on-one mentorship or interaction with our industry partners, these nationally recognized high-impact practices (HIPS) and experiences are a strength of our college and what is unique to the education that we provide. Each student will actually do science and engineering, allowing them to be career-ready.

Come join us on this journey! Come synthesize molecules and new materials. Come probe enzymes and the genetic code. Come protect wildlife and the environment. Come investigate mental health and physical fitness issues. Come secure our cyberspace. Come design and build. Come grow and reach your full potential!

Our Distinctive Programs

View our virtual flipbook below to learn more about our exciting program options.

 Biological, Environmental, and Earth Sciences

  • BA Biology
  • BS Biology
  • BS Biology with concentration in Environmental Remediation and Restoration
  • BS Biology with concentration in Molecular Biology
  • BS Clinical Laboratory Science
  • BS Earth Systems Science

Chemistry and Physics

  • BA Chemistry
  • BS Chemistry (ACS approved)
  • BS Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry
  • BS Chemistry with a concentration in Computational Chemistry
  • BS Chemistry with a concentration in Engineering

Mathematical Sciences

  • BS Applied Mathematics
  • BS Applied Computer Science
  • BS Applied Computer Science with a concentration in Cybersecurity
  • BS Applied Computer Science with a concentration in Applied Gaming
  • BS Industrial Process Engineering (ABET accredited)
  • BS Mechanical Engineering (ABET accreditation in process)

Exercise and Sports Science

  • BS Exercise and Sports Science with tracks in:
    • Allied Health
    • Basic Sciences
    • Fitness Management


  • BS Psychology with tracks in:
    • Neuroscience
    • Clinical
    • Social/Developmental
  • Master of Science in Applied Clinical Psychology

Pre-Professional Areas

The College of Sciences and Engineering also offers courses required for pre-professional areas of study including:

  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Veterinary