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AFYS 101

Center for Student Achievement

First-Year or Freshman Seminars have a rich history on the campuses of American Colleges and Universities. According to the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition (2004), the freshman seminar was offered at Lee College in 1882. In 1996, USC Aiken joined the international movement to improve the first-year experience for students, by offering a one-credit seminar. The seminar, originally ASUP 101, has grown from an experimental course that enrolled approximately 69 students to an integral part of the first-year experience for many freshmen.

Several sections of the course are affiliated with academic majors. All sections are taught by administrative staff and faculty who are very familiar with the university and are particularly sensitive to the needs of new students. The seminars are offered under the AFYS designator, and enroll approximately 20 students in each class.

Do I have to take the First-Year Seminar?

The seminar is not mandatory, but we believe it is an important component to your academic and social success at USC Aiken. It is designed to provide you with an introduction to USCA. It provides you with the tools you need to successfully navigate your undergraduate experience and become a successful USC Aiken student!

What is taught in the First-Year Seminar?

The content of the First-Year Seminar integrates information such as time management, study skills, academic citizenship, and student leadership and involvement. Although some of the seminars are associated with academic majors, much of the curriculum is consistent from section to section.

How do I register for the First-Year Seminar?

You can register for the First-Year Seminar during your orientation session. For more information about the First-Year Seminar, contact the Center for Student Achievement and First-Year Experience by phone (803) 641-3297.