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Medical Emergency

Campus Safety

If an accident or serious injury/ illness occurs on campus, immediately call USC Aiken Police at 6-1-1-1 Give your name, describe the nature of the medical problem, and the campus location of the victim. Quickly perform these four steps:

  1. Ask the victim "Are you okay?" and "What's wrong?"
  2. Check breathing and pulse and give artificial respiration or CPR if necessary, and you are qualified.
  3. Control serious bleeding by applying direct pressure on the wound.
  4. Keep the victim still and comfortable. Have the victim lie down if necessary. Continue to assist the victim until help arrives.
  5. Try to determine the extent of the injury or probable cause of illness.
  6. Protect the victim from disturbances, reassure the victim and Do Not move him or her unless absolutely necessary.
  7. Look for emergency ID, gather information from witnesses and give all information to the emergency response personnel arriving on the scene.