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Chemical Spill

Campus Safety

In the Event of a Hazardous Chemical Spill :

Any campus spillage of a dangerous chemical or radioactive material (i.e., a delivery truck spill, chemical spill in lab) must be reported immediately to USC Aiken Police at 6-1-1-1.

  1. When reporting, be as specific as you can about the nature of the materials involved and the location. The Police will contact USCA EHS 3538 and the necessary authorities (possible HAZMAT team involvement) and medical personnel.
  2. Vacate the immediate area at once, and if possible seal it off to prevent contamination of others. If inside, DO NOT lock the doors; then, if risk warrents, evacuate the building quickly by pulling the fire alarm and walking to the nearest exit, alerting (BEC) and others as you go. Assist the disabled in exiting the building (see guidelines on last page).
  3. Once outside, move to your rally point (a clear parking lot area away from the affected building), unless told otherwise. Keep roadways/walkways clear for emergency vehicles/personnel.
  4. Anyone who may be contaminated by the spill is to avoid contact with others as much as possible, remain in the vicinity, and give your names to Emergency Responders or other university staff. Required first aid, decontamination, and cleanup by responders should be started at once.
  5. To the best of your ability, and without re-entering the building, assist BECs and university staff in their attempts to determine that everyone has evacuated safely.
  6. DO NOT return to a building until told to do so or the all clear signal is sounded    (emergency signal pulse steady)
  7. If the Chancellor’s Office signals a campus wide evacuation (emergency signal steady tone) evacuate the campus following PA announcement, emergency web page and text messaging instructions.