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Group Fitness Classes

Campus Recreation & Wellness

Group Fitness is an instructor led series of classes that are included in the membership. Class schedules change each semester, so make sure to check back here for the newest schedule or pick one up from the Wellness Center. Here are some of the class formats you will see on the schedule.

Zumba:  Get this party started! A Latin flare to get the body moving.    

Hip Hop:  Put a little hip hop, funk and groove into your exercise routine.

Boot Camp:  Variety is the key to this fun and energy creating workout! A complete body workout each time!

Outdoor Boot Camp: Take the boot camp workout outside (inclement weather class will be held in the Studio).

Lower Body Blast:  A class that will focus on toning and strengthening the lower portion of the body. 

Circuit Training: This class is set up in a circuit fashion and will train the entire body.

Cardio 101 and Circuit Training 101:  The 101 classes are an introduction to exercise with a little less intensity but a great low impact workout. 

Cross Training:  Each week this class will introduce a different training style to keep your body guessing.  Cycle, Strength Training, Tabata-you won’t get bored and it will also be a class that students are involved with as they learn how to teach. 

Strength Train 30: A class that will focus on toning and strengthening the total body in 30 minutes.

Core & Stretch: This class will focus on creating a strong core (abdominals, low back and other muscles attached to the pelvic bone) and then give your muscles a fantastic cool down stretch.

HIIT Training: High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT Training is an explosive – get right down to business – way to exercise.  This class is focused on short, intense intervals to condition your body.  Anyone can do HIIT Training and the instructor will give levels for every exercise.  Think of the workout insanity and that is HIIT Training.

Cycle Circuit(Limited to 12 people) A mix of cycling for cardio and strength intervals! Perfect total body conditioning.

Total Body Blast:  A class that will focus on toning and strengthening the entire body.

Yoga: Learn the basic postures of a classic yoga practice to lengthen and strengthen your body.

Vinyasa Yoga:  Add a flow to your yoga postures that will improve cardiovascular and muscular systems.

Yoga Core: Focus on strengthening the core through the use of yogic movements and the Pilates ball.

Yoga Workout: An energetic yoga class that will get your pulse and muscles flowing.

Yoga Gentle Stretch: Take a nurturing approach to opening and stretching the body head to toe.

Stretch Gold:  A series of stretching exercises will be performed to improve joint flexibility.

Strength Gold:  A strength class geared toward the older adult.

Yoga for Seniors:  Geared toward the older adult, this class will focus on balance, strength and flexibility.  A chair can be used during the class.

Balance:  This class will focus on activities to improve your overall balance and coordination

Zumba Gold:  An aerobics class set to fun, energetic music geared toward the older adult.