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Club Sports

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What is the difference between sport clubs and intramurals?

Intramural sports are short term, recreational activities that take place at USC Aiken and only involve participants from USC Aiken. Sport Clubs are University recognized student organizations that are student-run and student-funded. Typically, these are year-round clubs that compete in intercollegiate competitions on a local, regional, and national scale.

How do I join a sport club?

Contact information for the individual clubs can be found by selecting Sport Clubs Directory tab on this page. Additional information can be found by calling the Recreational Sports Office at (803) 641-3782 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What are the benefits of being a member of a sport club?

Sport Clubs give each student an opportunity to take part in the leadership, responsibility and decision making process of club activities. The success of the sport club is solely dependent on the organization, management, professionalism and leadership shown by the club officers, advisors and coaches. It is created for students, by students, under the supervision of the sport club advisor and the Student Life Staff. Club members nominate student officers who run the day-to-day operations, which include scheduling practices, activities and games, working with league and conference officials, making all travel arrangements, and the financial management of the club.

Does it cost money to participate in a sport club?

Typically, yes, there is some cost associated with joining a sport club. While the University is able to help financially support the clubs to a limit, this usually does not cover the entire costs of club operations including travel, equipment, officials and/or league fees. Many clubs charge annual dues, in addition to fundraising and soliciting sponsorships and donations for their expenses. Dues vary depending on the club, and it is solely the decision of individual clubs on how much to charge its members.