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Healthy 4 Life

Campus Initiatives

Healthy : enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, and spirit; prosperous, flourishing

Healthy Mind

A healthy mind includes a presence of intellectual curiosity and a sense of fostering creativity and critical thinking. It is awareness and acceptance of feelings and includes the degree to which a person feels positive and enthusiastic about one’s self and one’s purpose, value and meaning for life. It includes the capacity to manage feelings, behaviors and effectively cope with stress.

  • Emotional : the ability to cope with stress and manage the full range of emotions in a constructive way
  • Intellectual : engaging in creative and stimulating mental activities to expand your knowledge and use information effectively
  • Spiritual : finding purpose, value and meaning in your life
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Healthy Body

A healthy body includes recognizing the need for regular physical activity, good eating habits and adequate sleep while discouraging the use of tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. It is having a sense of personal responsibility and care for minor illnesses with an understanding of when professional medical attention is needed.

  • Physical : taking an active role in caring for your body by getting enough sleep, eating well, being active, recognizing the signs of disease and refraining from the use of tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol
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Healthy Habits

A healthy habit is a behavior that is beneficial to physical or mental health. It is a routine of behavior(s) that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously.

  • Financial : managing your money effectively, living within your means and making wise financial decisions
  • Social : the ability to positively interact with people and to develop close and sustaining relationships
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Healthy Environment

A healthy environment inspires us to live in harmony with earth by having an awareness of how our behavior impacts our surroundings. It includes the ability to promote measures that improve the standard of living and quality of health in our environment.

  • Environmental : an awareness of how your behavior impacts your surroundings, how the physical world impacts you and how you can contribute to a healthy environment
  • Occupational : developing a sense of your strengths, skills and interests to prepare for a career in which you will gain personal satisfaction
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