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Dual Enrollment

Office of Admissions

Dual enrollment at USC Aiken provides high achieving local public, private or home-schooled high school students with the opportunity to take college courses that will enhance their high school experience while experiencing the challenges of a collegiate classroom setting.

Dual enrollment eases the transition as students leave high school and enter a four-year university setting.  Students are exposed to personalized instruction in traditional USC Aiken courses with USC Aiken faculty and students.

USC Aiken strongly encourages high school students to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) courses that are available at their high school in addition to dual enrollment courses at USC Aiken.  Combined, high school students will be well prepared for the rigors of a four-year institution.

Qualification Requirements

  • Be in the top 25% of your class and/or have a 3.5+ GPA on the SC UGP
  • Have a score of 1020+ on the SAT or PSAT and/or 21+ on ACT/PreACT
  • Take College Prep or higher curriculum in high school

Application Requirements

All of the following must be completed to be considered for admission:

  • Apply online. Select the Dual Enrollment app. Fill out the “Academic History” section completely, then in the “Application Type” section select “Dual Enrollment”
  • Pay Application Fee
  • Complete Application Supplement Form and submit to High School Counselor
  • Have your high school send UofSC Aiken the supplement form along with an official copy of your transcript, PSAT scores & immunization records
  • Have your SAT and/or ACT score sent to USC Aiken directly from the testing agency (costs approximately $12)

Apply Now

Application Supplement Form

Priority deadlines for dual enrollment applications are March 1st for the fall semester and October 1st for the spring.  Applications submitted after the priority deadlines will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Please understand that USC Aiken courses fill rapidly during campus-wide priority registration and that seats in high-demand courses may be extremely limited or unavailable.  Students are strongly encouraged to apply by the priority deadline.  However, if the deadline has already passed, students should speak with the Dual Enrollment coordinator as soon as possible to discuss options for potential late admission/course registration.

Post-Admission Requirements

After being admitted, the following must be turned in before you are able to register for courses:

  • Completed Citizenship Verification Form(Dual Enrollment Coordinator can provide)
    • Along with a copy of one of the listed acceptable supporting documents
  • Immunization Records showing two-shot MMR (If not already received from your high school)

Citizenship Verification Form

All new dual enrollment students must attend an orientation with the Dual Enrollment Coordinator before the first day of class.

Current Cost (Excluding Books, Approximate)

$341 for a 4 semester hour course (plus books) $183 for a 2 semester hour course (plus books)
$262 for a 3 semester hour course (plus books) $104 for a 1 semester hour course (plus books)

Cost Breakdown (Approximate): Tuition ($66/Credit Hour) + Technology Fee ($13/Credit Hour) + Public Safety Fee ($25/Semester) = Total Cost

Fees listed are for 2023-24. Costs for 2024-25 will be set by the University of South Carolina system board of trustees in June 2024.

Textbook purchases/rentals are made separately from the costs above. Students must rent/buy their textbooks by the first day of class. Students are encouraged, but not required to, purchase/rent their text books at the Pacer Shoppe on campus.

What courses are available?

Students can review a searchable list of Fall 2024 courses and sections by visiting

For accurate searching, click the 'Class Schedule' tab, then select 'Fall 2024' from the drop-down menu, then click inside the “Campus” box and select “USC Aiken” from the drop-down menu that appears. Clicking inside the “Subject” box will offer a drop-down of every academic department across the entire eight-campus USC system – please recognize that not all subjects are offered at USCA. You may pick the subject(s)/course(s) you wish to view, with a course description, available seats, and class meeting times all available to review. Please note the five-digit Course Registration Number (CRN) in the list's first column– the number you will provide on your DE Course Request Form when you are ready to register.

Dual or concurrent enrollment?

Dual enrollment courses allow students to receive both high school and college credit for their efforts.  Public school students will receive AP weighting for the course on the high school transcript.

Concurrent enrollment courses only receive college credit for a course. The school can decide if they would like the dual or concurrent option.

Tuition is the same for either option.

When will I pick my preferred courses?

Students will receive course selection information in their acceptance letter and will complete a course request form for the Registrar’s Office to register them for their preferred courses. Registration for Fall semester courses begins in late March and for Spring semester courses in late October (several months in advance of the start of each term). Students may contact the dual enrollment coordinator with questions. 

Important Notes

View Dual Enrollment FAQ List (PDF)

Math Placement Chart (Effective Fall 2019)

For the following majors, these students will be enrolled into MATH 102 or 103.

  • Communication, English, Fine Arts, History, Music Ed., Political Science, Undeclared

For all STEM majors (College of Sciences and Engineering), majors in all professional schools, and Sociology majors, the following chart applies based on standardized test scores:

ACT Score (MATH) SAT MATH (New) Course Placement
16 or below 459 or below MATH A104
17-21 460-519 MATH A108L (5 contact hours)
22 – 24 520 – 569 MATH A108 (4 contact hours)
25 – 27 570 – 629 MATH A111, MATH A112, MATH A122, MATH A170
28 or higher 630 or higher MATH A174, MATH A141*

Foreign Language Placement System
(based on HS grades in student’s HS foreign language courses)

3 points 1 point 0.5 point 0 points
(Sum of all foreign language course grades)
0-5 points 6-11 points 12-15 points 15+ points
language 101 language 102 language 210 300/316

English Department Requirement

To be able to take ENGL A101 and/or A102, you must have completed 4 full credits of HS English. Dual enrollment students are only allowed to take ENGL A101 in the Fall, and ENGL A102 in the Spring. 

Two Course Limit

High school dual enrollment students are limited to a maximum of two (2) courses per semester.  The university is pleased to offer the dual enrollment opportunity, however, due to space limitations and priority which must be given to UofSC Aiken degree-seeking students, this limit will be strictly enforced.

Special Advisors

USC Aiken is committed to providing the attention (communication, advice, support services) that students need to be successful in the Dual Enrollment Program, both during the application and enrollment periods. For more information, contact:

Andrew Hendrix
Director of Admissions
Interim Dual Enrollment Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (preferred method of communication)

The Admissions staff at the University of South Carolina Aiken understands that the college selection process can be overwhelming. Our staff is dedicated and prepared to help you with information about the University and our admissions process.

Your enrollment counselor is your personal contact at USC Aiken. If you have a specific question, please feel free to contact him/her.

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