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What is ICE? 

Inter-Curricular Enrichment, or ICE, is a university-wide initiative aimed at engaging USC Aiken students through a series of diverse curricular enrichment opportunities. Such events span the academic curriculum. In addition, ICE is a graduation requirement for all USC Aiken students.

When do I have to complete the ICE requirement?

All ICE credits must appear on Degree Works prior to graduation. Please allow time for Dr. Lintner to review the summaries and have your credits submitted to DegreeWorks.

ICE Due Dates

December Graduates     

December 1

May Graduates

May 1

August Graduates

August 1

How many ICE credits do I need?

USC Aiken Palmetto College, Aiken at Salk, and Aiken at Sumter students must complete a maximum of eight (8) ICE credits. Fewer may be required based on credit hours prior to becoming an Aiken student. This calculation will be done after all of the student's credit hours are entered in to Self-Service Carolina.

How do I complete my ICE credits? 

Palmetto College students receive ICE credit by viewing University approved videos which can be accessed here. For each event watched, students will complete an ICE event summary. This consists of a one-page summary/reflection of the event in question. Each ICE event viewed must be submitted using this portal.


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For questions, please contact your Academic Advisor.