Academic Affairs

Actively engage our students in the learning process

The University of South Carolina Aiken is a comprehensive liberal arts institution committed to active learning through excellence in teaching, faculty and student scholarship, research, creative activities, and service.

We offer degrees in the arts and sciences and the professional disciplines of business, education, and nursing.  All degrees are grounded in a liberal arts and sciences curriculum designed to provide students with the educational background necessary to succeed in any chosen field.

At USC Aiken we believe deep learning and understanding are enhanced when students can make connections between disciplines. All of our undergraduate programs and majors are grounded the liberal arts and sciences. This means that students begin their college education by taking classes in many different subjects and building skills that are geared toward more than just training in one profession. Exciting discoveries often come from where disciplines overlap and concepts and solutions from one field of study are applied to problems in another.  

By studying the liberal arts and sciences, students develop strong critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. Students steeped in the liberal arts and sciences gain greater mental flexibly, learn to think across multiple domains, and are able to communicate effectively. These are skills employers say they value most. 

In today’s labor market, career paths are changing and new career options are being created at a dizzying rate. Thus, those graduates who can draw from a variety of skillsets to adapt to challenges and capitalize on opportunities will have the greatest advantage.  A commitment to provide major fields of study in conjunction with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences is at the heart of a USC Aiken education.   

At USC Aiken learning extends well beyond the classroom. Through undergraduate research projects, real-world experience, international study opportunities, and engaged learning practices; USC Aiken students explore, understand and master their interest areas in depth.  This is an educational approach that prepares students for a successful life, professional success, global understanding, and civic engagement.

The Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer of the university and responsible for 

  • Administering Academic Policies
  • Recruiting Faculty
  • Overseeing Academic Budgets 
  • Providing Appropriate Support Services 
  • Promoting excellence in academic programs
  • All Academic Support Functions

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